Pippin of Italy of Vermandois  ‎(I1668)‎
Pippin of Italy of Vermandois

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: April 773 31
Death: 8 July 810 ‎(Age 37)‎
Personal Facts and Details
Birth Birth April 773 31
Death Death 8 July 810 ‎(Age 37)‎
Title King of Italy
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Parents Family  (600)
742 - 814
Pippin of Italy of Vermandois
773 - 810

Immediate Family  (599)
Bernard of Italy of Vermandois


Pippin of Italy ‎(April, 773 ? July 8, 810)‎ was the third son of Charlemagne, and the second with his wife Hildegard of Savoy. He was born Carloman, but when his brother Pippin the Hunchback betrayed their father, the royal name Pippin passed to him. He was made king of Italy after his father's conquest of the Lombards in 781. He was crowned King by Pope Hadrian I.

He was active as ruler of Italy and worked to expand the Frankish empire. This included a long, but unsuccessful siege of Venice in 810. The siege lasted six months and Pippin's army was ravaged by the diseases of the local swamps and was forced to withdraw. A few months later Pippin died.

Family and children
He married Bertha of Toulouse, daughter of Count Guillaume of Toulouse and had five daughters with her:

Adelheid, married Duke Gui I of Spoleto.
Atala, ‎(ca 800/810 ? before 814)‎;
Gundrada, ‎(ca 800/810 ? before 814)‎;
Berthais, ‎(ca 800/810 ? before 814)‎;
Tetrada, ‎(ca 800/810 ? before 814)‎.
He also had an illegitimate son Bernard. Pippin was expected to inherit a third of his father's empire, but Pippin died before him. The Italian crown passed on to his son Bernard, but the empire went to Pippin's younger brother Louis the Pious.

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Family with Parents
Charlemagne ‎(I1669)‎
Birth 742
Death 28 January 814 ‎(Age 72)‎
Pippin of Italy of Vermandois ‎(I1668)‎
Birth April 773 31
Death 8 July 810 ‎(Age 37)‎
Family with unknown
Pippin of Italy of Vermandois ‎(I1668)‎
Birth April 773 31
Death 8 July 810 ‎(Age 37)‎