Johann Corduan
Origins of Cordouan in Belgium, cir. 1666
Johann Corduan  ‎(I1155)‎
Johann Corduan

Gender: MaleMale

Personal Facts and Details
Occupation Occupation Shoemaker
Death Death  
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Immediate Family  (F410)
Johanna Cordewahn
Martin Friedrich Wilhelm Corduan
1834 -

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Multimedia Object
Origins of Cordouan in Belgium, cir. 1666Origins of Cordouan in Belgium, cir. 1666  ‎(M545)‎
Type: Newspaper

Show Details Note: on page 318 of the link Alfred mentioned ‎(the exact link: ­http­:/­www­.­archive­.­org­/­stream­/­lintermdiaired57pariuoft­/#­page­/­318­/­mode­/­2up­/­search­/­cordouan­ )‎ you find this:

in a rough translation:
"About the family Cordouan see: "la Recherche de la noblesse de la généralité de Caen en 1666 par l'intendant G. de Chamillart" ‎(The research of the nobility of the community of Caen in 1666 by G. de Chamillart)‎, Caen, Delesque, 2 vol in-8.
The family was quite distributed in the Normandy, and one member, lord of Perignac, was mentioned in Saintonge. A senior civil servant of the second empire was originally from Mortain. " ‎(Saintonge is a region on the west coast and Mortain a small city on the northwest coast of France)‎
"The Cordouan, Cordouen, Cordoan, Cordouanniers et Cordonnier were obviously of spanish origine. One can find these names like the ones Espaigne and Dupaigne, de Seville or de Civile, Goutieres, d'Espagne etc... in the region of Rouen and the points where the coastal navigations brought to us a certain strain of meridien blood, while at the same time the Margeruit of the Normandy and others went to Spain and became the d'Aguilar and the Caracena."

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Jehan Cordewahn in France, 1441Jehan Cordewahn in France, 1441  ‎(M544)‎
Type: Book

Note: ­http­:/­www­.­archive­.­org­/­stream­/­lintermdiaired57pariuoft­

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Wilhelm Corduan Birth CertificateWilhelm Corduan Birth Certificate  ‎(M224)‎
Type: Document

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Close Relatives
Family with Johanna Cordewahn
Johann Corduan ‎(I1155)‎
Martin Friedrich Wilhelm Corduan ‎(I1151)‎
Birth 29 January 1834 Pollnow, Kreis Schlawe, Germany