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Corduan Family of Pommern
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Earliest birth yearCharlemagne ‎(I1669)‎
Birth 742
Death 28 January 814 ‎(Age 72)‎
Latest birth yearThis information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death yearPippin of Italy of Vermandois ‎(I1668)‎
Birth April 773 31
Death 8 July 810 ‎(Age 37)‎
Latest death year Preston Pearson Osborne II ‎(I0349)‎
Birth 10 June 1940 23 19 Medway, MA
Death 2 September 2017 ‎(Age 77)‎ Conway, AR
Person who lived the longest
Deborah Mitchell ‎(I0840)‎
Birth 1767 33 26
Death 10 August 1891 ‎(Age 124)‎
Average age at death
Males: 59   Females: 62
Family with the most children
Erville Carlyle Osborne + Grace Wheeler Pearson ‎(F112)‎
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Welcome to the Corduan Family Genealogy!
27 January 2006 - 7:00:43am

Welcome to the genealogy database maintained by myself, Alfred Corduan of Southern California. While the primary purpose is to document the family tree of the Corduan family of Pomerania ‎(Pommern)‎, Germany, there is also extensive input on Hattenhauer, Osborne, and Saleski, as well as several royal families to which we find ourselves linked.

PhpGedView is a powerful internet based collaborative tool. Use the menu options to search, view, and generate reports on the enclosed data. You can capture any portion of the tree in GEDCOM format using the \"Clippings\" feature. Living persons ‎(other than myself)‎ are hidden to the general public, for obvious reasons. If you are family, or a professional genealogist with a vested interest in my genealogy, it is possible to grant additional viewing and editing capability.

I believe that genealogy serves an important - albeit limited - purpose in the ways of God. Based on Bible Scriptures such as Exodus 33:18-34:7 and Hebrews 7:9-10 it is clear that the choices of our ancestors affect us, both for good or evil. Knowing the choices they made and the lives they lived can help us understand some of the tendencies and pressures that we experience. It can also help us take our life choices seriously, knowing that they will affect all that will follow after. This is the fundamental purpose of my pursuits, that my Lord Jesus Christ may be glorified in all, and that many more may find Him as Savior - all of this is dedicated to Him.

Thanks again for visiting, for whatever purpose! I hope my research can be a help to you.

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Johann Ludwig Heinrich Theodor Johanning ‎(I1145)‎
Birth 19 November 1810 40 Groß Reetz, Kreis Rummelsburg, Pommern
Death 2 February 1884 ‎(Age 73)‎ Wocknin ‎(Mühle)‎, Kreis Rummelsburg, Pommern
This is probably the most interesting person in my genealogy thus far. He was born Johann Ludwig Heinrich THEODOR Rehbinder in 1810 as illegitimate son of Anna Charlotte Amalie von Lettow nee von Rehbinder. Both von Rehbinder and von Lettow were powerful noble families with Anna’s husband General Karl Ernst Ludwig von Lettow the owner of Groß Reetz. This surely was a scandal, as Karl was at that time off fighting Napoleon and may well have been a prisoner of war. A neighbor to my 2nd cousin once removed said the father was the von Lettow coachman. The baby was given the mother\'s maiden name sans the \"von\", which carried legal rights. At his wedding he was, however, known legally as Johann Ludwig Heinrich THEODOR Johanning - family stories state his new last name was invented from his first name, wholly made up. Regardless, he never let go of the name that he felt was his, that of \"von Lettow\", the most noble of the noble families . . . on his grave stone he is listed as \"Theodor von Lettow, genannt Johanning\", i.e. Theodor von Lettow, named \"Johanning\". He is listed as \"Rentier\" on the deed to the mill, one who draws a pension, so step-Daddy Karl probably did take care of him. He is listed as \"Schulze\", i.e. “mayor\", on the death register of his daughter Anna in 1846, so he carried some political clout. His wife Johanna Charlotte Frederike ‎‎(may have gone by Charlotte)‎‎ was a young widow, maiden name Rattunde, widowed name Jass. From her first marriage came Johanna CHARLOTTE Frederike Jass, my great-great grandmother . . . so Theodor would be my step-great-great-great grandfather  . He bought the Wocknin Mill and grounds and lived there with his family. The Mill became the basis of family contention – my great-great grandfather Wilhelm/Albert Corduan and his sons apparently had some reason to believe they were to inherit at least a portion of the Mill. During March 18-19, 1889 the mill was destroyed by a flood . . . father and sons helped rebuild it . . . details remain in the stories, including the fetching of ropes from Stolp on the sea so that the parts underwater could be undergirded and hauled up. We know my great-great grandmother ended her days in the mill, so there may have been a divorce . . . apparently while there she entailed her inheritance to her half-brother Karl Johanning instead of her sons, which was the source of great anger after it came out after her death. Both Theodor and Charlotte’s mother died ‎(1883-1884)‎ within a year of each other . . . Charlotte died 5 years later and may have been quite ill during that time . . . so there may have been good reason for the inheritance issues to be confusing.
Corduan Family of Pommern

23 April 2018 - 9:49:03pm

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